Tom Noyes
Noyes' fiction is wonderfully wry and compassionate, and, yes, spooky.
-Dan Chaon

My day of fulfillment has drawn near: Tom Noyes' Come by Here squared me up and speared me in the chest. In these masterful tales, tornadoes billow out of smokestacks, strikingly real characters stand at the crossroads of the promised land and the broken promise, God moves on the water, and the truth comes black-eyed in the Devil's night. 
-Glenn Taylor

Spooky Action at a Distance and Other Stories conjures absurdity and pathos [and] offers a large and irresistible vision, its great empathy shot through with comic insight, its voices keen and energetic.
-Nancy Reisman

Tom Noyes' Behold Faith and Other Stories is dominated by macabre wit and startling confessions of frailty and delusion.
-The New York Times Book Review
Tom's books, Come by Here: A Novella and Stories (Autumn House), Spooky Action at a Distance and Other Stories (Dufour), and Behold Faith and Other Stories (Dufour) are available from your local bookstore,, or directly from Autumn House Press and Dufour Editions.